Mens Christian Dining Event

Past Speakers

 David Parkinson, Leicester Businessman

 Clyde Thomas, 'Made one mistake in Life'        

Ladies Evening, Revd. Mary Vickers, Chaplaincy, women in sport
Ladies Evening, Traditional  Carols

John Boyers, Chaplain, Machester United Football Club

Chris Thompson, Converted drug addict

Carl Beech, General Director Christian vision for men (CVM)

Mike and Jenny Clark Open Event

David Hind, ‘10 memorable dates in my life’

Bruce Nadin, Past Chaplain to  Leicester City soccer club. Now working for Ambassador in Sport, South Africa

Matt Baggott  Chief Constable of Leicestershire

Jean Lupton Superb Testimony of healing 

Alasdair Kay
Became a Christian whilst serving as a paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion. Now works as director of Derby City Mission. 
Mark Chandler 'Cliff, as if'

David Chawner Chaplain Wasps Rugby Club

Don Piper

Matthew McFarlane, Chief Inspector Nottinghamshire Police

Dalton King

Rob Brown International Motivational Speaker

 Wally & Gill Walmsley Ladies Evening

Roger Robb

Ian McCormack 'The Box Jelly Fish man'

Andrew Georgiou, ‘ Prison Chaplain at Wetherby young offenders Prison.'

Simon Morley, Former bouncer and  personal body guard.

Juliet Barber, Lead Pastor Chroma Church

Dr. Tristan Harris

Dave Bell

Paul Gask

Rachel Hickson  Heartcyfor Change- Rachel is Director & Founder of HEARtCRY for change

Ian Jones, Senior Pastor - All Nations Church

Graham 'Swanny' Swan - Author 'Prison without Bars'

John McGinley    Vicar of Holy Trinity , Leicester

Joanne Spain

Chris Hardy     'From  swastika to the cross'     ‘From the swastika to the cross

The Tough Guys

Paul Cleaver

John Woolmer 'The Devil goes missing

Emily Louise Owen

David Hair  My Life, My Story

Stuart Taylor-Hardy

Kate Kent     Lead Pastor  Rock Church Nottingham

Andy Rossell

Israel Silgram